Story of the Bible Review Set

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

It's here! This has been a large project that has taken a substantial amount of time to put together, but it has blessed me in so many ways. It's as the Latin proverb says,

"By learning, you will teach; By teaching, you will learn."

What is the Story of the Bible Review Set?

It's an aid to help teachers communicate the story of Jesus as "one beautiful whole" using a story of the Bible summary and engaging visuals. The Bible is a large collection of 66 books, but we can share the story of the Bible in short with learners of any age.

In all subject areas, effective teaching requires repetition. A quick review of previous learning at the start of each lesson is one of the best ways to strengthen knowledge retention. This practice is not only about recalling information. It’s also about building a strong foundational knowledge that we can add to over time.

How does this fit into our Bible teaching? A quick review of the whole Bible story at the start of each lesson reinforces an understanding that our learners can build upon. I use the 17 Periods of Bible History as arranged by Bob and Sandra Waldron to frame my whole Bible story review. As we continue learning more Bible stories, details, and context, our new knowledge can easily be added to previous knowledge. When this occurs, our learners can “see” where the new information fits into the Bible story. This leads to a richer understanding of God’s beautiful, eternal plan.

This set is so fun, and my Bible kiddos love it. In this set, I used real life photos in the background to remind our learners that these are TRUE events that occurred in REAL places. When at all possible, I use photos taken in the general area of where an event or time period took place. For example, a modern day photo overlooking an area in Jerusalem is used for the backdrop of the “United Kingdom” visual, and a modern day photo of the Appian Way is used as the background for the “Early Church” visual (Acts 28).

What is included in the set?

This set shares the story of the Bible in chronological order. The Story of the Bible PDF includes:

  1. 17 Periods of the Bible List

  2. Linking Events and Promises List

  3. The Story of the Bible Review Lesson

  4. 17 Large Bible Periods Visuals

  5. 17 Small Bible Periods Visuals

  6. 3 stars to mark when the promises made to Abraham were fulfilled.

  7. Linking event cards that enable the students to "see" the event that connects one Bible period to the next.

I use the Story of the Bible Review Set every single class for review, and I pray that your students will love it as much as mine!

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