If you want to understand how the universe came into existence and everything that is in it, we turn to the Bible. The Genesis account is not a myth but reality.


Herbert Spencer a non-Christian scientist, was awarded many prizes in science. In 1882 he discovered that everything that exists fits into one of five categories, time, force, action, space, or matter.” This was hailed as a massive breakthrough. However, in the first verse of the Bible we read, “In the beginning,” that’s time, “God,” that’s force, “created,” that’s action, “the heavens,” that’s space, and “the earth,” that’s matter. Everything that Herbert Spencer discovered, was in the first verse of Scripture. The Bible says that God created everything, and in saying that, the Bible gives us all the categories that exist. And He did this out of nothing, and He did it in six days.


You recieve one downloadable color page. We also provide ideas on how to study the creation of God. The artwork comes with a permission form so your local office store will print them out for you. When you put the artwork onto a flash drive you will need to remember to add the permission form if you are taking it to a printer. You might ask to see a test copy first and make sure the paper is not too flimsy. We like 22 to 24 lb paper (if you use a cover or card stock it will not stay glued down as long). We recommend glue sticks.


USAGE: You have our permission to use the artwork you download from this website with all the members of your immediate family (including grandchildren), and with church or homeschooling classes that you are participating in and if you are a teacher you can use them with your students. We understand if you need to be reimbursed for printing costs but ask that you do not sale them or post them on a website.

The Days of Creation


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