Have you ever thought about the imagination of God? Just look around at the world, at the diversity of life forms. Look at the colors, patterns, shapes and designs and then tell me that we don’t have a God who knows about art in its purest form. God is the greatest artist of them all, as Van Gogh put it, “Christ is more of an artist than the artists — he works in living spirit and flesh”.


You receive 4 pages of downloadable color artwork that makes a fun study with children through the creativity of our Creator. This is a great little study to help your students grow in their amazement of God. The artwork comes with a permission form so your local office store will print them out for you. When you put the artwork onto a flash drive you will need to remember to add the permission form if you are taking it to a printer. You might ask to see a test copy first and make sure the paper is not too flimsy. We like 22 to 24 lb paper (if you use a cover or card stock it will not stay glued down as long). We recommend glue sticks.


What the pages cover: What are the most Beautiful things God created? What are the Funniest things God created? What are the Biggest things God created? What are the Smallest things God created? What are the Fastest things God created? What are the slowest things God created? What are the most Playful things God created? What are the most Helpful things God created? Favorite Tails God created, Favorite Noses God created, Favorite Homes God created, Favorite Eyes God created, Favorite Ears God created, Favorite Scales, Fur & Feathers God created, Favorite Animal Skills God created, Favorite Defense Mechanisms God created, Favorite Beaks God created, Favorite Feet God created, Favorite Horns & Antlers God created, Favorite Mouths God created, What makes you unique and different? What are your gifts and talents? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What is your personality like? Are there experiences that have shaped your personality? Why did God create you? Why did God make you unique and different? How can you make the most of the strengths and talents the Lord has given you? Is it hard to be thankful when others are more talented than you… if so, why? Is it hard to be thankful when others are more popular than you… if so why? Are there times you feel like you are not worth as much as others… if so why? Who gives you worth and how? Does God love someone else more than He does you? “He never loves you less, He cannot love you more.” – Spurgeon, How do you know that the Lord loves you? Since love is seen in actions how does the Triune God show their love to you? Since love is seen in actions how do you show your love to God?


USAGE: You have our permission to use the artwork you download from this website with all the members of your immediate family (including grandchildren), and with church or homeschooling classes that you are participating in and if you are a teacher you can use them with your students. We understand if you need to be reimbursed for printing costs but ask that you do not sale them or post them on a website.

The Creativity of God


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